Friday 23 May 2008

Wallpaper and Ceiling Workshop with Liverpool 8, Halewood and Kate

There were two workshop activities developed from our tours of Speke Hall. One workshop to make William Morris inspired daisy and fruit wallpaper from pressed flowers and real fruit. The second activity was to make a ceiling from cake icing inspired by the plaster ceiling in the Oak drawing room. Some of the group also used the pressed flowers to make cards.

The picture below shows a photo of the ceiling in Speke Halls Oak Drawing Room and one of the group making an icing version.

All the icing ceilings together.
Working with the icing to make the ceiling.
Below Susanne is using pastry cutters to make leaf shapes.
Some finished cards with pressed flowers.

This is Barrys finished iced ceiling see the video of him working on it at the end of this text.

Brenda suggested mixing the flowers and fruit and printing with the cut Pomegranates. The picture above shows Lila pressing the Pomegranate onto the wallpaper you can also see this in the video at the end of this text.

Jess pointing out flowers as Sheila and Liz arrange them on the wallpaper.

The film clip shows Barry working on his iced ceiling.

The clip below shows the group making William Morris inspired floral and fruit wallpaper.

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