Sunday 11 May 2008

Tour the hall, Kate Allen with Dovecot & Halewood groups

Several members of the group noticed clocks in the hall, Linda said I "I have one at home"The group enjoyed looking at the pictures on the table, good wheelchair height for Barry and somethings they were allowed to touch. They all liked and noticed patterns alot during the visit from the woodcarvings to the wallpaper. Below is Dawn in the Gun Room. Her favorite room was one of the bedrooms upstairs with the cot and the brushes she remembered being allowed to sit on the bed when she visited as a child, she seemed to be able to elaborate on the experience creating the idea of a past life where she had been a child from the past and said she believed in ghosts. She would like it if there was a brush she was allowed to hold in the room. Wheelchair view point, clock and dining table.
In the Billiard room another wheelchair viewpoint with the volunteer telling about Frederick Leyland. I really liked the repetition of the lamps. Group photos from the first group tour with Kate. The picture below is the group hearing about the carving of the tudor family.
The group in the great hall.
Group in the gun room.
Pic below shows Jess showing the group the tudor methods of showing respect.

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