Tuesday 2 December 2008

Testing the Sensory Artworks, Bellowphones

Mike and Jim installed the Bellowphones in the Billiard Room and Great Hall. When the bellows are pressed they trigger sounds and smells.

Carolyn reported from the Access to Heritage Group as they tested the Bellowphones:-
The bellowphones went down well, with mixed reactions to the smells! People seemed to prefer the bellowphone in the billiard room and I wondered afterward if this was because there was a chair to sit on when using it! The billiard sounds were particularly popular.
Some points the group raised:- Consider making the tube (connecting the bellows to the funnel) longer so it can be stretched to reach someone in a wheelchair. Mark had to go ‘side on’ to the bellowphone to reach the bellows, but once he did it worked well for him. He liked all the sounds and some of the smells. They all liked hearing recognisable voices on the sound, in the great hall clips particularly. Daniel said ‘made me think I was in the pub playing snooker”.

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